The Operations Platform that Grows With You
A solution for outcomes, not outputs. Define objectives, measure key results, and drive accountability at every level of the business.
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Simplify Your Reporting
Move away from running team meetings with countless spreadsheets. Stop scrambling to pull together metrics for board meetings. 

Unify all of your disparate data in one platform to easily visualize key results across your business.
OKRs Powered by Real-Time Data
Make the shift from talking about an OKR framework to executing one. 

Empower your team to reach the vision for your business through company, departmental, and personal objectives with real-time results.
Increase Meeting Efficiency
Align your meeting structure to discuss the most important topics that move the business forward. 

Seamlessly review related objectives, topics, and set action items in Elate to enable outcome driven decision making.
Integrations Make Everything Better
Avoid the hassle of manually updating metrics in spreadsheets. Make life easier for everyone. 

Connect data from multiple products using Elate’s pre-built integrations. View real-time metrics and key results in a single source of truth.
With You Every Step of the Way
You want the roll-out process to be painless. So do we. Our team will work with you to ensure a smooth, successful implementation across the company.

Whether it’s your first time using OKRs, or you are a seasoned vet, Elate is your trusted partner. Our platform is simple and built to guide your team with best practices on your journey.